Hand Tattooed Luxury Wear


Luxe Latex Couture for the Modern Man

Explore the world of Urban Elegance – Luxurious latex clothing for the modern man. Our unique matte finish not only adds a sexy touch but also allows for a subtle urban couture style. Our standout feature is the incorporation of tattoos on various materials, including latex. This adds a personalized touch to emphasize your personality and style. The transparent latex elegantly highlights the contours of your muscles and curves. Click now to experience the alluring charm of our exclusive collection! The stories our clothing tells will complement and enrich your own narrative, no matter the adventures you embark on while wearing them.


Where Precision Meets Passion

Get Familiar With VELOR’S One Of A Kind Technologies

• Hand Tattooed Latex. Every Line Is Drawn With A Real Tattoo Machine Using The Highest Quality Needles And Our Own Color Formula.

• A Special Tattoo And Sealing Technique Makes It Nearly Impossible To Crack The Latex By Wearing It.

• The Tattoo Color Is Mixed With Our Own Formula Making It Last A Lifetime. No Fading, No Bleeding Out, No Rubbing Off On Your Skin.

• If You Choose So, Our Pieces Are Specifically Suited To Your Measurements For Every Order. Because We See You As Unique As Our Clothing.

Contours under Your Control

Unleash limitless sexiness – Exclusive latex attire for the modern woman. A unique matte finish adds a sensual touch and allows for subtle urban couture. Our innovation integrates tattoos on various materials, including latex, adding a personal touch that emphasizes your individuality.

Click now to unveil the stories our clothing tells—crafted to complement your narrative. Our women’s bodysuits are stage-ready, featuring a construction ensuring no visible lines. Explore the sophistication of transparent latex delicately showcasing your silhouette.

Timeless Styles: Delve into Our Archive of Past Collections

At our fashion house, we champion a distinctive philosophy. We archive our clothing, diverging from the conventional notion of fixed collections. This intentional choice liberates our designer’s creativity from the constraints of time. Rather than yielding to the pitfalls of overconsumption, we fastidiously curate, handpicking one design from a pool of a thousand, to feature in our store for years to come, ensuring its timeless allure. This design seamlessly integrates with various clothing styles, enduring through changing trends. It stands as a testament to a conscious choice, allowing you to sidestep the trap of excessive fashion consumption. Our archived products possess the potential to reemerge at any given moment, promising a journey through enduring style



Step into the realm of our exquisite Lounge Wear Collection, crafted in response to the unique challenges of the 2021 Corona lockdown.

This collection of four unique pieces is not just an ode to comfort but also a homage to shared moments amidst adversity.

The collection comprises luxurious individual pieces designed to be interchanged. The use of latex at the waistband not only ensures an ideal fit but also allows your partner to effortlessly wear the pieces during lockdown times. Enjoy the flexibility and comfort as you creatively combine these pieces—a charming and innovative way to share your shared memories. Click now and explore the versatility of our Lounge Wear Collection, created for moments that brought us closer together.



Immerse yourself in our archived collection, where timeless elegance converges with futuristic innovation. The SUMO PANTS, crafted from pure wool, feature a sumo wrestler-inspired belt made from pineapple leather and genuine silk. The belt effortlessly fastens with a magnetic band. 

This pair of pants embodies minimalism and maximalism in a timeless design that confidently accentuates both male and female figures. Discover the fusion of tradition and modernity—click now and delve into our archival collection